Snuza Baby Monitor

snuza-imageThis is a pretty cool little device. All of our kids ended up sleeping on their belly when they were very young — only a few months.  Of course with everything the news tells you about SIDS you always worry a bit — it seems even more so with our third who just turned 2-months. We head about this device in the past in addition some mats that detect movement too but the Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor really had some great reviews. So we gave it a shot.

This product is really neat — this version will vibrate if it detects no movement and then an alarm will sound a few seconds later if still no movement.. it typically is recommended for babies sleeping on their backs and it attaches to clothing or diaper so it can rest on the baby’s abdomen. Others did mention that you can place to the side if the baby is a tummy sleeper.  This is what we tried and it worked fine.. we had two false alarms which scared the crap out of us.. but it turned out, luckily, it was our fault and the placement was no good and it was not touching the baby. Other than that — the Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor has been really great, and has provided us with some reassurance that everything is okay.  Just wish the battery, which last a long time, would be rechargeable.

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